The service is scheduled to start on April 20st!
If you pre-register, you will receive a Limited NFT【Lucky Farmer】Granpa John “Pajamas”gift!
【Pre-registration promotion period】
April 6th(Tue) 14:00(UTC+8)~April 18th(Sun)10:59(UTC+8)

If you already have a PlayMining ID (JobTribes, Puzzle x JobTribes, NFT Marketplace by DEP players), please enter your registered email address.

  • ・Pre-registration is only once per person.
  • ・You cannot change or delete the registered e-mail address. If you already have a PlayMining ID, please apply for pre-registration using the email address registered with your PlayMining ID.
  • ・In order to participate in this promotion and acquire limited NFT, you need to complete the two steps of (1) PlayMining ID registration and (2) Create a Wallet with NFT Marketplace by DEP by April 30th 22:59 (UTC+8).
  • ・The NFT Marketplace by DEP account has a Rank according to the customer's authentication stage, and in order to acquire limited NFT, it is necessary to acquire an Auctioneer Rank account. NFT Marketplace by DEP: https://daa.playmining.com/
  • ・Your Wallet will be created by acquiring the Auctioneer Rank.
  • ・The Auctioneer Rank requires authentication by email and SMS, so please follow the instructions on the NFT Marketplace by DEP site to authenticate your account.
  • ・NFT will be distributed in order after the service starts only to customers who have completed the above two steps ① and ② by April 30th 22:59 (UTC+8).
  • ・Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for the distribution of NFT to start.
  • ・Please check NFT Marketplace by DEP to receive NFT.
  • ・Please note that the pre-registration campaign may be changed, canceled, extended or terminated early without notice.
  • ・We may exclude you from the pre-registration campaign if we consider it fraudulent, such as false application or multiple registrations in which we find suspicious.
Registration has not been completed yet.
Click the ""Apply for pre-registration"" button below to complete the application.
To receive NFT, you need to create a Wallet with NFT Marketplace by DEP.
Please proceed to creating a Wallet.
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If you have already created a Wallet, your application is complete!
Please look forward to the start of the service.